Episode 71: Should You Buy All of Your Backlinks?

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein take a deep dive into buying backlinks in this episode. We tell you the types of links you can buy, where to get them and why your website will most likely never get penalized for it.  




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Episode 70: How to Do Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein walk you through how to successful manage the online reputation of a business, client or yourself. We show you how to push down negative search results and how to rank the positive ones. 

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Episode 69: Content Loops and User Generated Content

Paul Warren, Ryan Klein and special Guest Nicki Friis discuss creating content loops with user generated content. Content loops are a really clever way of generating new content by getting users to consistently contribute content to your website.


Nicki Friis, CEO at NICQI.COM


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Episode 68: How to Manage SEO Projects Remotely

Paul Warren, Ryan Klein and special guest Dave Schneider from Shortlist.io discuss what tools to use and how to manage your SEO projects in a remote working world.





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Episode 67: 7 Metrics You Should Track for SEO

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein discuss the 7 KPIs you should track for successful SEO campaigns. 

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Episode 66: 20 Reasons Why Your Website Doesn’t Rank Well in 2020

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein take you through 20 possible reasons why your website doesn’t rank well in 2020. We go deep into content issues, back link spam and technical SEO issues in this episode.



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Episode 65: How to Start a Career in SEO

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein walk you through how to start a career in the SEO industry. We cover how to to break in, pay and career advancement.

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Episode 64: How to Automate Your SEO in 2020

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein show you how to automate your SEO processes. We cover keyword research, backlink, technical SEO audits, content optimization and creation.



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Episode 63: SEO Questions from Reddit

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein answer questions from the SEO subreddit for the first time in 2020.

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Episode 62: How to Do Mass Link Building

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein discuss their link building background and how to build links at scale by using manual or software automation.




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Episode 61: How to Use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for SEO

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein discuss Amazon’s mechanical Turk and how to use it for SEO. We also tell you how to avoid getting your account banned so you don’t end up like us.

Mechanical Turk: https://www.mturk.com/

How to use mechanical blog post:


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Episode 60: How to Combine SEO and Branding

Paul Warren, Ryan Klein and special guest Garrett Mehrguth discuss how combine branding and SEO together for better results.

About the Guest: Garrett Mehrguth is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Directive, a search marketing agency for enterprise brands headquartered in Irvine, California.

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Episode 59: Where to Focus Your SEO During the Coronavirus

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein discuss how some SEO focus areas for your business during the Coronavirus and how to stay busy in quarantine.

The following can be referenced for your own business: https://www.marketmymarket.com/updates-and-resources-during-covid-19/

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Episode 58: How to Do SEO for a SAAS Website in 2020

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein welcome SAAS SEO Expert Zac Harris to the show. Zac walks us through tool sets and strategy for ranking a SAAS website in 2020.

Zac Harris is the former Head of SEO for Spyfu and current CRO of Northcutt.

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Episode 57: The SEO Guide for Beginners Part 3: On Page SEO

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein walk you through the final part of our “SEO Guide for Beginners” series with the basics of on page SEO. We discuss site structure, meta data guidelines and more.

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