Episode 8: Why You Should Be Doing Video SEO and How to Rank in Youtube

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein discuss video SEO and how to easily rank your videos on Youtube in 2018.

Episode 7: Companies That All SEOs Should Hate

Paul Warren and Ryan Klein discuss 5 companies they absolutely hate to work with in the SEO industry and they all begin with the letter Y.

Episode 6: How to Fix Poor Performing SEO Content

Paul Warren, Ryan Klein and guest Cory Coleman discuss how to find and fix poor performing SEO content.

Episode 5: How to Do Local SEO and Black Hat Stuff

Paul and Ryan discuss the importance of local SEO and how to do it and some of the crazy local black hat stuff they have seen.

Episode 4: How to Outsource SEO Tasks

Paul, Ryan and special guest Andrew Hernandez discuss how to outsource the different SEO tasks and how to handle more clients with as little resources as possible.

Episode 3: How to Send Other SEOs Business Leads

Paul and Ryan discuss how to sell potential SEO clients to other SEO’s.